Scheduled Servicing

Routine servicing of your vehicle is not only critical to its reliability and longevity, but also to its fuel consumption and emissions.

HPF can perform all servicing from a minor oil and filter change to a dealer handbook service.

New car servicing is a speciality at HPF and will not affect your dealer statuary warranty so you can relax knowing that your vehicle is being looked after without being tied down to a dealer service regime.

  • New Car Servicing
  • Genuine or equivalent parts
  • Quality Castrol lubricants
  • Full safety inspection
  • Itemised Invoices
  • Cooling system check
  • Complimentary wash and vac
  • Unexpected charges
  • Factory warranty guarantee

Brake and Clutch

HPF have all the equipment and expertise required for any repairs to your brake or clutch system.

We use an 'on the car' brake disc machining tool for risk and fuss free brake servicing.

Wheels and Tyres

No need to waste valuable time going to another shop to get new tyres or a wheel alignment done, HPF can take car of that for you!

HPF can supply, fit and balance replacement tyres for your vehicle and can even arrange a comprehensive wheel alignment.


Your vehicles suspension is critical to the safety of you and your family so should receive the same level of attention as the rest of your vehicle.

HPF perform a full suspension inspection as part of all services and can repear and replace equipment as required.

Exhaust System

Even your vehicles exhaust system can be maintained by HPF as part of your service routine.

Whether it be a leak repaired or a full replacement system, HPF has talented fabricators who can take car of your exhaust system with the same car as any other component.


Your automatic transmission or manual gearbox, driveshafts and differentials are just as important to yoru vehicle as the engine is.

You don't need to go to a specialised workshop, HPF can service, repeir or replace any of these components to keep you on the road safely.

Roadworthy Certificates

A current Victorian Certificate of Roadworthiness is required when purchasing or selling a vehicle. This is a comprehensive inpection of the vehicle to ensure it is safe and fully operational.

HPF are authorised by Vicroads to inspect and issue Roadworthy Certificates.

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